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  Capital Region Safer Bars is part of a larger initiative to end sexual assault and promote a safe a healthy nightlife experience through bystander intervention training with bars and restaurants across New York.  

Why Are Bars Important in Addressing Sexual Assault?

  • 50% of sexual assaults involve alcohol use
  • 90% of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol use.
  • 43% of sexual assaults involve alcohol use by the victim.
  • 69% of sexual assaults involve alcohol use by the perpetrator.

 Through personalized, bystander intervention training and staff empowerment, Capital Region Safer Bars supports bars in ending sexual assault by training them how to recognize and intervene in sexually aggressive situations.Bartenders and other bar staff have the opportunity to make a large impact in ending sexual assault.   Find a Safer Bar near you!

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Why Bystander

  • People are more likely to intervene in problematic situations when they have the skills to do so 
  • The goal of bystander intervention is always safety and de-escalation.
  • Research shows that the use of bystander intervention tactics can prevent problematic situations from becoming violent situations.
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Our Safer Bars Bystander Intervention training teaches bartenders and other bar staff how to be active bystanders by giving them the tools to safely and effectively intervene in sexually aggressive situations. 

Safer Bars training also teaches staff how to detect early warning signs that a situation may become unsafe so that they can implement bystander intervention techniques before the situation escalates. Get your bar trained today!