You're the expert in your bar.
We're the experts in safety.
Let's work together.

Be a leader in the community and join today!

  • Learn how to ensure a safer bar environment for everyone.
  • Reduce liability through development of respect and intervention policies.                           
  • Identify and address physical blind spots in the bar that might decrease safety.
  • Increase staff skills to identify and address problematic situations BEFORE they escalate.

Your staff works hard to create a fun and welcoming  atmosphere in your bar. Sexual harassment and other forms of personal violence can quickly destroy the atmosphere that you and your staff work so hard to make. Bar owners from across New York State are participating in the Safer Bars movement to prevent sexual harassment in nightlife establishments. 

Make your bar a leader by taking long-lasting, sustainable steps to make our community safer. Make your bar a member of Capital Region Safer Bars!

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What is the Safer Bar Curriculum?

Safer Bars is an evidence-based curriculum designed to train bar staff to recognize and respond to sexual aggression. This curriculum was developed by the Arizona Department of Health in collaboration with bar owners, staff, and patrons. This curriculum has been adapted for New York bars and all of our trainings will be customized to fit your staff, your business, and your culture. We won’t tell your staff what to do; rather, we build on their skills to create a safer and more welcoming establishment.

Why should my Bar be a safer bar member?

  • You are a Community Leader!  Bars and restaurants are where people go to relax, celebrate, meet new people, catch up with old friends and more; bars help set the tone for our communities. Being a Capital Region Safer Bars member is a clear way to show the community that your dedicated to creating a safe and thriving community.
  • Promotion:  We will promote establishments that participate in safer bars throughout the community and on college campuses, online and through social media. You will also be provided with a window decal to enhance your bar’s image and to designate you as a safer bars member.  
  • Staff Preparedness: Through our bar staff training program, your still will have a greater range of strategies to use in addressing unwanted sexual aggression that is directed at themselves or guests. With staff more able to recognize and address problems early, aggression can be stopped before getting to the point where you need to file an incident report or call the police.
  • A Better Bottom Line:  Being a member of Capital Region Safer Bars means that you are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment. Staff who feel safe stay longer and customers who have positive experiences are more likely to return and to tell their friends. Bars who have used this program in other locations have seen an increase in patronage and positive reviews.  

What are the requirements to become a member?

Meet one on one with our staff to determine how the program can be most helpful to your bar or restaurant.  Maintain at least 70% of your staff that are trained our curriculum. Post materials in the bar identifying yourself as a Safer Bar, including posters and window clings. Participate in at least one Safer Bars community event a year.  

So, what's the catch?

There isn’t one! It’s free to become a member and get your staff trained. Trainings consists of two, 2.5 hours sessions held between two and four weeks apart and we come to you! Trainings can be held in your bar or other convenient location, on weekends, after hours, or at any time that will be easiest for you and your staff.